Today, every company can reduce its mobility costs by promoting the use of car sharing services and making an important contribution to reducing urban pollution by choosing SHARENGO electric and shared cars.




Cut fixed costs, reduce fleet costs and reduce rebates because everything it becomes pay as you go … and fully deductible.


Sharengo cars go everywhere, even in ZTL and park for free everywhere. Time saved, forgotten stress.


Choose sustainable urban mobility for your company and make it a flag. It will be a title of merit, because everyone wants a better city.

Find out what Sharengo can offer to companies and professionals who have a VAT number

Sharengo for companies. Here's how it works


1. Your Sharengo Business Account

To subscribe and activate a Sharengo Business Account it is essential to associate a minimum threshold of 10 drivers to the company profile.

Once activated, authorize whoever you want among your managers, employees and collaborators to use the Sharengo service with company debit.

From your console you can at any time:

  • create and update the list of drivers
  • manage permissions (defining days and times)
  • check the use of the service
  • download invoices and statements

and check which environmental credit your company is maturing for having chosen the sustainable mobility of Sharengo.


2. Corporate use, personal use

The drivers you want to authorize will be able to personally subscribe to Sharengo at a minimal conventional cost. Once the authorization procedure has been completed, they will see in their reserved area a double PIN: the one to be used for company and personal use.


3. VAT and Individual Companies

Car sharing within the municipal territory is an alternative to means of transport with a carrier, and is subject to the same tax regime.

If you need VAT invoicing for your trips with Sharengo, just enter the VAT number and the name of your account holder in the reserved area.


4. How to activate a Company Account?

To create a company profile, simply follow 4 simple steps:

  • Send the request to the e-mail address
  • Subscribe to the contract that will be sent to you
  • Once the account is activated, the company will have at its disposal a management console to enable its drivers to use the cars with billing to be paid by the company.
  • Each authorized driver will receive by email the company PIN (different from the personal PIN) to charge the company.

For sustainable mobility with Sharengo today you can do more

Reward your employees with our Mobility Bonuses

With Sharengo it is easy to reward the commitment of your collaborators. Our 75 to 500 minute mobility bonuses will help you implement incentive programs and welfare policies that help the environment.

You purchase them directly on Giftcardstore and manage them independently, simply by sending them via e-mail or by downloading them from your Intranet site. The full tax exemption of these prizes guarantees the economy, for you, and a high liking of those who receive them.

Buy them today

Business agreement and travel coupons to encourage everyone

You can choose Sharengo as your Mobility Partner by signing an agreement with us. In this way you will be able to offer your employees or customers and their families a reduced-price subscription and a discounted rate of up to 20%.

Over 100 companies have already done so. And for those who run public businesses such as cinemas, theaters, restaurants or gyms, Sharengo offers 30-45 minute travel vouchers and its own in-car advertising system, giving visibility to your best offers even on our apps and on our social networks. / span>

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